Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Welcome home, thoughts gone stray. get comfortable, we are here for the long haul.

Home. I never felt as if I was ever there. What is this home you speak of?

A home isnt always where you live. We knew this. Before I met you, I knew. Somehow I knew I wasnt home until I found you.

I had a house, but wasnt home.
I had relationships, but I wasnt loved.
I had a life, but I wasnt living.

And when you left, I wasnt dead. Death would have been easier, life was torture. Everything around me was a reminder that you were gone. Even the things I didnt expect. The quiet breeze was your breath, the sunshine your smile. The moon was your soul and the stars your dreams. I was utterly surrounded by you when you were gone."


2 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

i have goosebumpbs

Kortnii said...

WHOA! I jsut realized you posted a comment! I love you long time. thank you. my head is...clouded with thoughts like these.

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