Tuesday, July 21, 2009

girl, you sicken me

Girls. I dont have many friends who are "girls"

that stereotypical image of a girl we all know we see in our minds. I shudder to think I could be one of those "girls."

And whats even worse? To be the girl who lusts after the idea.

Hatred is just another cover up for jealousy.

And even though she can hear their whispers, their negative blows, she smiles. She might even exhale a small, but quiet laugh. She knows its all lies.

To talk bad is to be afraid.

And the sick part is this: even if only for a second, if that girl asks for you, you're hooked. You are instantly under her spell, instantly a friend because you're afraid. afraid of what would happen if that one girl, the "pretty girl", said she didnt like you.
And deep within your shallow mind, you yearn to be just like her. To be the "pretty girl"

You sicken me."


4 thoughts:

M said...

I love you, Kortnii.


Kortnii said...

I feel blessed to know you

Xx_beautifulDISASTER_xX said...

wow how true this is! i love ur new blog btw. if only i could figure out how to make cool backgrounds on my page like u do! lol

Amorous Rocker said...

I love this post.

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