Friday, December 18, 2009

Future X

"You're getting married, huh?"

"You know what that means."


Monday, November 9, 2009

to the horse from the human

Cookie Cty Cookie,

When I said "I love you", I meant forever.

If there was a way to get you to understand how much it hurts me to even think to let you go, I'd find it.

We've gone through hell and back in the past years I've known you. I know I've kicked and screamed and whined for you to change. I know I've begged for you to have that 'push button' personality.

Cookie, if there's one thing I want for you in this life you lead, please, never change.

Never change baby horse, just cause people can't handle your spirit doesn't mean there is anything wrong it. It's the part of you no one ever understood how I could love so much. It's the part I hate to leave behind the most.

You've healed me in so many ways Cookie, I can't begin to tell you. I'll always remember those times where you put your head to my stomach and let me hold onto you. It's like you knew that's all I ever really needed: someone to hold onto.

You are my horse and I am your human. Always.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Their Fault

I hate my parents.

not because they dont love me

because I exist.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nothing Without the Past

You cannot write something and expect it to hold meaning to anyone, to be believable in any sort of way, unless you have felt the emotion you are trying to portray in your own life at some point in time.
I wouldn't dare try.
"What do you do?"


"Tell me."

"I write."

"What can you of all people have to write about?"

"Its personal."

"What? A bunch of sappy stories of love?"

"I can write of dreams, I can write of hurt and regret and sorrow. Misery, angst and fury. I can write of broken words, failures, and disloyalty, but I cannot write of love."

"Why not?"

"Ive never felt it."

Friday, August 28, 2009

And time only sets it deeper


It burns and foils only the sweetest of memories, forever landing those thoughts in a whirl pool of sorrow and pain.
For moments I wandered, leaves rustling, curling beneath my feet, trying to figure it all out.
Once while I stood there, knee high shrubs burying my shoes, I thought of you. The sky a dark, swirling grey, setting the mood swing I was in, to let that thought go was near impossible.

Of all the petty things I've done, as I stood in the darkness, as my tears overwhelmed my sight, I knew this was, unmistakeably, the worst."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

death makes me strong


The only thing certain in life is death.

The 100% of it is what scares me and the reaction is what breaks my heart.

I sat there, holding your trembling hands, wishing I could ease your pain. Wishing I could kiss away very tear streaming elegantly down your rose flushed cheeks and make everything back to the way it was only moments ago. Wishing that your head didn't have to be pressed against my neck in fear and sorrow but in love and romance. Wishing that your legs were too weak from a day of running, laughing, playing, not from the words you had just come to hear. Wishing that for just one moment you could smile again, tell me everything was OK again, love the world again. but I could not.

And as I sat there, now cradling your shaken body in my arms, my own tears mixed with your hair. As I know, one day, I might make you feel this way. As I know, one day, I will die.

This is what makes me strong. I will not let myself leave you. I stay strong for you, but I will not let you leave me without following soon after."


Friday, July 31, 2009

let me rest in peace

Insomnia biting at my brain, picking me apart silently, I cant control my thoughts long enough to sleep well. Even when I do manage to sleep, I don't escape. My thoughts run unbound to do as they will. against me.

So I hide.
I am an insomniac on purpose these days because I cant fend of these nightmares and I'm too weak to do anything different.

I wake up, hands quivering, stomach heaving, eyes clenched so tight it begins to hurt, far gone with too many tears to keep track. My pillows are saltly soaked and smeared with cosmetics from the previous night. My shirt is bunched up against my cold clammy skin, I cant get myself to pull it down.

I had something worse than a nightmare.
I dreamt you didnt exist.
but it cant be true, because I cant exist without you."


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

girl, you sicken me

Girls. I dont have many friends who are "girls"

that stereotypical image of a girl we all know we see in our minds. I shudder to think I could be one of those "girls."

And whats even worse? To be the girl who lusts after the idea.

Hatred is just another cover up for jealousy.

And even though she can hear their whispers, their negative blows, she smiles. She might even exhale a small, but quiet laugh. She knows its all lies.

To talk bad is to be afraid.

And the sick part is this: even if only for a second, if that girl asks for you, you're hooked. You are instantly under her spell, instantly a friend because you're afraid. afraid of what would happen if that one girl, the "pretty girl", said she didnt like you.
And deep within your shallow mind, you yearn to be just like her. To be the "pretty girl"

You sicken me."


Thursday, July 9, 2009

At All

You dont know me and I dont know you.

but thats ok.

I think I like how that relationship sounds, to be honest. Not claiming any knowledge on eachother other than the fact that I like to talk, and you like to listen.

Come to think of it...I dont really feel like I know me either.

I don't feel like I know myself. at all. That's how sad our mind is. Our brain power.

We can't remember our first word. Our first breath. Our first smile. We can't remember the first face we fell in love with based on physicalities and instincts alone.

I don't claim to know anyone at all."


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Welcome home, thoughts gone stray. get comfortable, we are here for the long haul.

Home. I never felt as if I was ever there. What is this home you speak of?

A home isnt always where you live. We knew this. Before I met you, I knew. Somehow I knew I wasnt home until I found you.

I had a house, but wasnt home.
I had relationships, but I wasnt loved.
I had a life, but I wasnt living.

And when you left, I wasnt dead. Death would have been easier, life was torture. Everything around me was a reminder that you were gone. Even the things I didnt expect. The quiet breeze was your breath, the sunshine your smile. The moon was your soul and the stars your dreams. I was utterly surrounded by you when you were gone."


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