Monday, November 9, 2009

to the horse from the human

Cookie Cty Cookie,

When I said "I love you", I meant forever.

If there was a way to get you to understand how much it hurts me to even think to let you go, I'd find it.

We've gone through hell and back in the past years I've known you. I know I've kicked and screamed and whined for you to change. I know I've begged for you to have that 'push button' personality.

Cookie, if there's one thing I want for you in this life you lead, please, never change.

Never change baby horse, just cause people can't handle your spirit doesn't mean there is anything wrong it. It's the part of you no one ever understood how I could love so much. It's the part I hate to leave behind the most.

You've healed me in so many ways Cookie, I can't begin to tell you. I'll always remember those times where you put your head to my stomach and let me hold onto you. It's like you knew that's all I ever really needed: someone to hold onto.

You are my horse and I am your human. Always.


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